The following syllabus is provided for your benefit. It is a 'generic' syllabus and does not account for holidays. Refer to the syllabus given to you by your instructor for additional detail.

The last column of the syllabus provides important notes and access to lecture material and homework. The letters LEC, indicate the lecture material used in the classroom in HTML format. These files are NOT active MathCAD files. They are provided for your use if you happen to be working at a computer without MathCAD installed. If you are at a computer with MathCAD installed, you can download the lectures in the MathCAD native format by going to the downloads page.

The letters HW represent the homework problems assigned. Clicking this link will download your homework assignment. Some of these assignments involve multiple files, so they are in a zipped format. To access these files, you will need to install WinZIP or WinRAR on your computer. I recommend you create a subdirectory on your computer dedicated to this course. Download and unzip all files into that directory so you know where to find them.

Course Syllabus
Session Topic Reading Assignment Homework
1 MathCAD Conventions
Help, Resource Center, Quicksheets
Local vs. Global Variables
Basic Mathematical Operations
Built-in Constants & Greek Symbols
Functions (Built-in vs. Defining)
Basic Units
MathCAD Regions and Areas
Inserting Objects

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Sections 3.1 - 3.4.1
Sections 3.6
LEC: MathCAD Fundamentals
LEC: Insert Objects

HW: MathCAD Fundamentals
2 Units
English vs. Metric
Built-in Units
Redefining Units
Range Variables
Section 2.5
Chapter 4

Chapter 4, Pgs 76-77
LEC: Manipulation of built-in Units
LEC: Defining your own unit system
LEC: Range Variables

HW: Using Complex Units
HW: Defining your own unit system
HW: Range Variables
3 Vectors and Matrices
Read/Write Operations
Section 7.5 LEC: Vectors and Matrices

HW: Using Matrices
4 Simultaneous Equations
Section 8.1
Section 5.1
LEC: Simultaneous Equations
HW: Simultaneous Equations
5 Data Analysis
Statistical Functions
Curve Smoothing
Chapter 5 LEC: Regression Techniques
LEC: Curve Smoothing

HW: StarTrek

Applications - Writing MathCAD Programs

Chapter 6
Section 3.4.2 - 3.5
On Line

LEC: Programming
  EX: Example - Psychrometrics
  EX: Example - Pipe Friction

HW: Programming
7 Applications - Excel
LEC: Lecture
HW: Homework
8 Applications - Integrating with Excel   LEC: Integrating Excel
LEC: Engineering Economics Example

HW: Integrating Excel
9 Applications - Generating reusable worksheets   LEC: Matrix Operations
LEC: Programming
10 Applications - Generating reusable worksheets     EX: Applications - Advanced
  EX: Applications - Scriptable Controls


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