Course Policies for

ETD 260
Engineering Technology Applications
with Computers

This information is typical of the way this course is conducted. Please recognize that this information is subject to change at the discretion of the individual instructor.

Lead Instructor: Russell Marcks syllabus
Office: 1013
Phone: 512-2183

Course description:

Computer solutions of engineering technology problems using MathCAD; algorithms, numerical analysis and matrix methods for problem solving of physical principles and engineering applications.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 2
Lab hours: 2
Prerequisite: MET 198 or IET 198, MAT 133 or MAT 201

The student is expected to be familiar with basic computer operations. The student should have a background in word processing and spreadsheet applications. Although not required, it is helpful for the student to understand a programming language and to know how to use certain third-party programs such as AutoCAD, PaintShop Pro, etc. for the purpose of inserting drawings, pictures and graphics. MathCAD is not a substitute for a lack of math skills; it is a tool allowing you to optimize your understanding of mathematics and its application to engineering and engineering technology. As such, it is imperative you have a good understanding of basic mathematical concepts as set forth in MAT 133 (MET Students) or MAT 201 (ESUP students).

Course objectives:

To introduce and acquaint the student with the fundamental concepts of MathCAD as a design and problem solving tool. For the current course, this includes MathCAD 11 Professional and MathConnex.

Class Policies:

  1. Bring to class each day:
  2. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the classroom.

  3. Letter grades are assigned based on your final average:

    A = 90 to 100
    B = 80 to 89
    C = 70 to 79
    D = 60 to 69
    F = 59 or less.

    Refer to the syllabus for weighting of grades

  4. Homework:
    Homework problems to practice and study are shown on the class schedule. The problems listed are a minimum number of problems you should attempt. All homework is due one week after it is assigned.
    Approximately half of the scheduled class time will be dedicated to lab. You should have sufficient time to complete the majority of your homework in class. If you cannot complete the homework in class, you have three on-campus locations to complete your homework.
  5. Exams: If a work or family conflict makes it impossible for you to take an exam on the scheduled date, make sure to contact your instructor at least a week in advance to arrange to take it prior to the scheduled date. Missing an exam without contacting me prior to the scheduled date will result in a zero for that exam.

  6. Attendance: I will take attendance at the beginning of each class. If you are late be sure to contact me at break so that I can mark you present. Missing one class in this course means missing about ten percent of the whole course. Most students can only be successful in this course if they attend class regularly.
    If you must miss a class, call and leave a message on my voice mail or [preferably] send me an email. In doing so, an absence will not have a negative impact on your grade.

  7. Help: The best way to obtain help is to come to the classroom during my office hour. My office hour will always be the hour prior to class and in the classroom. You can also make an appointment for any other time.

    Email is also an excellent way to obtain help. If you email me, make sure you attach a copy of your MathCAD document. Annotate the document at the appropriate place where you are having problems. This will allow me to provide an answer within the document along with an appropriate example solution.

    Due to the nature of the course and the software, contacting me by telephone is probably not the best way to obtain help. If your question is sufficiently simple, this may work. None the less, feel free to contact me by phone if you desire.

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