Matrix Operations
A file named grades.txt exists on the school's network drive. If you view this file, you will see it contains data for 16 students (each row). The grades are for multiple homework assignments (columns). Read the data contained in that file into a matrix.

a) Create a two column matrix named 'studaverage' that contains the student number in column zero and the students average grade in column one. Assume each assignment counts equally. HINT: A range variable will work well here.

b) Create a vector that contains the class average per assignment.

c) Use MathCAD matrix and statistical functions to determine the following information:

High Overall Course Grade
Low Overall Course Grade
Average Grade per HW assignment
Average Grade per Student
Overall Class Average
Median Grade
Standard Deviation (Population)
Variance (Population)
<= Try grades1.txt and grades2.txt
The first column is a student number and cannot be used to determine the above requested statistics. Create a submatrix by extracting all rows of columns one through six.
To get a two column matrix as specified, we will need to extract the zeroeth column from the matrix 'grades' and we need to develop a definition for the average grade of each student. To define the average grade, we can use a range variable to generate the proper vector. Finally, we can augment the extracted vector of student numbers and the vector of average grades.
Average per assignment
Course Average
High Grade is
Low Grade is
The overall class average
The average grade is
The standard deviation is
The variance is
The mode is